Banquet Menus

For Parties of 8 or More

Friends and Family Dinner

$35.00 Per person
Cream Cheese Rangoon, Egg Roll and Potsticker
Prawns with Honey Walnut
Mandarin Triple Crown
 Mongolian Beef *spicy*
 Crispy Chicken *spicy*
Peking Spareribs
Deluxe Vegetables
Vegetable Fried Rice

Good Fortune Dinner

$45.00 Per person
Rainbow Chicken
Tea Smoked Duck
 Salt and Pepper Baby Lobster Tails *spicy*
Prawns with Honey Walnut
 Filet Mignon in Black Pepper Sauce *spicy*
Four Seasons Vegetables
Ten Ingredient Fried Rice

Signature Dinner

$55.00 Per person
Four Bites
(Goat cheese wontons, spinach dumplings, crispy eggplant, crispy shrimp wonton)
Peking Duck with Pancakes
Prawns with Honey Walnut
BBQ Chilean Sea Bass
 Orange Beef *spicy*
Seasonal Vegetables
Deluxe Fried Rice